Ontology Engineering for Situation Awareness

Bachelor Thesis

This bachelor thesis presents a highly extensible data model supporting transportation carriers in situation awareness. After introducing the topic and analyzing some of the processed data I point to the developed architecture. Towards this I provide explanations for decisions made during the development process. Then I tackle the implementation by showing parts of the information processing. The typical components will be explained by representative examples. I conclude with a reflection about working on this project.
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Cryptocurrencies and the Block Chain

Review Article

A review article where I focus on the application scenario of a decentralized cryptocurrency, but also point out the potential for generalization. The architecture was mainly designed by the Bitcoin network, the first and still largest implementation of its kind. I will discuss the components that compile this structure and mention security weaknesses as well as the opportunities for attackers. Furthermore, I outline improvements and detail solutions that had been implemented to cope with the scaling network. Additionally, secondary aspects like privacy and usability are covered.
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MaryCrf a Conditional Random Field in Cython

University Project

MaryCrf is an easy to use library for linear-chain Conditional Random Fields with freely definable feature functions.
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Participation in MediaEval 2015

Emotion in Music (An Affect Task)

Given a set of manually annotated music and a set of features for each music file, machine learning algorithms are applied to estimate the development of emotional arousal and valence over the course of a piece of music. Our pipeline roughly contains feature extraction from the music files, a regression model and a Gauss filter as the final smoothing stage.
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Task from MediaEval 2014

Diverse Social Image Task as University Project

The MedialEval 2014 task was to extract a subset of relevant and diverse images for given locations from a set of images gathered from Flickr. An additional task for this course was to present the results within a small web-application. There was plenty of meta-data and of course the images itself to be utilized. More about the exact features can be found in the official task description.
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Parallel in-place rectangular matrix transposition

University Project

The task was to develop a tree recursive algorithm which transposes a non rectangular matrix in-place. The algorithm was realized using MIT-Cilk.
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University Project

The application allows visitors to vote on the next soundtrack that's going to be played. Multiple clients display the list of possible tracks with SMS-Code (for non smart phones) and a suitable QR-Code. The server collects all the ingoing SMS using an ordinary USB 3G modem. An additional requirement was the use of some modern day programming "trends". That led to the choice of C# .Net because it allowed us to use lambda-functions and offered a fast and convenient way for building user interfaces with good data binding support.
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